Environmentally friendly

Building material with renewable quality, short construction times and high freedom of design ensure individuality and health at home with excellent energy efficiency (including energy proof). Appealing design and ecology in harmony.


Over each other, in front of each other, side by side. The modular design offers maximum flexibility. This is still mobile, which facilitates the selection of a suitable location and opens doors for efficient further and subsequent use.


Sustainable building materials, good energy balance, excellent fire protection, good housing optics and low demand for land with comparatively low acquisition costs and the possibility of financing through leasing.


Mini-houses, so-called tiny houses, are enjoying ever-greater popularity. Through its concept, LivingCon offers full-fledged living solutions in a small space.

Office spaces

LivingCon office modules are the trendy solution for your work place. Saturated with light and with an exceptional interior climate, they make a good impression on …

Vacation homes

Turn away from the every-day in your own vacation home. LivingCon offers the optimal solution with vacation home modules that get the most from a small space.

Public housing

Good living space is hard to come by in many cities and can be expensive when found. This is true in particular for students. Waiting lists for accommodation …

About LivingCon

About LivingCon

LivingCon is an innovative building concept – environmentally friendly, flexible and affordable. The Helmut Schäfer Holztechnik GmbH & Co. KG has developed a building concept with the brand name LivingCon that serves societal needs as well as current trends in...

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How does LivingCon operate?

How does LivingCon operate?

LivingCon solutions for space – whether a mini-house, offices, student housing or vacation homes– are delivered fully equipped and ready for occupancy (incl. furniture, kitchen equipment, plumbing, floor and wall coverings, as well as doors and windows). As a result...

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LivingCon cooperates with experienced regional partner companies.